Swimwear Fashion, 1975 Style


Cribb & Foote Catalogue #1; © Ian Poole, Brisbane, 1975.  Michelle Adamson_right (Dallys Model Agency)

Whilst the photographic production in advertising doesn’t change all that much, the fashion that is portrayed certainly does.  In this October 1975 assignment for former Brisbane advertising agency, Duthies Advertising, a simple black and white image was being created for the (also) former Ipswich Department store Cribb and Foote.  The iconic Cribb & Foote Ltd was purchased by the Walter Reid group.


Cribb & Foote Catalogue #II; © Ian Poole, 1975.

An analysis of the negative is also informative.  It is a negative exposed in a Hasselblad 500CM – note the double V indents on the left hand side of the full frame.  Film was Kodak Plus-X, exposed at 100 ISO and lit by Strobe 1000 and Bowens 2000 Quad packs.  The Strobe was a now long gone British design electronic flash unit.  Robust and the small brother of the much larger 5000 joule studio unit.  The Bowens was the relatively inexpensive work horse of those times; and probably a rare few are still in use today.  Also note the bag of horse feed and the Norco Fruit Yoghurt boxes in the background of the studio.  Both remnants of previous assignments.  Such was the variety of a start-up advertising/commercial studio.

Brisbane, with its sub-tropical weather, has always been a good location to hire bikini models.  These girls were all from the Brisbane office of the Sydney based Dallys Model Agency.

For more stories behind the vintage photographs see –

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