Ballet and Branding


La Sylphide, Queensland Ballet; © Ian Poole, Brisbane, 1981.

A small, but simple piece of post-production done 34 years ago has borne fruit in the past week or so.  After some effort on my part, and a lucky introduction to the “Right Person”, I had garnered the chance of photographing the Queensland Ballet in a performance of La Syphide.  This was in 1981 and I had been working previously with some amateur ballet companies, but the opportunity to work with a professional company was very exciting.  The photographic dance career of IAN POOLE does PHOTOGRAPHY had begun!


Rosetta Cook Dancing Title Role; © Ian Poole, Brisbane, 1981.

Photographed in the now lost SGIO Theatre in Turbot Street, I worked with both colour and black and white negatives and used both 35mm and 6x6cm camera formats.  Of interest to photographic enthusiasts is the fact that the BW film is still in very good condition, but the colour film required some considerable post-production work to produce good photographs.  The negatives were scanned to produce digital files.  The post-production work was done on these files.  Non photographers please bear with me if I wander off into technical chatter, but it is a broadly based photography blog.


Dianne Storer and John Dovey – La Sylphide; © Ian Poole, Brisbane, 1981.

My previous connection with dance had started with Queensland Modern and Contemporary Dance Company, then the Australian Youth Ballet Company and Ballet Theatre of Queensland.  Friendships made through these connections have continued to this day.  The QMCDC affiliation led to a trip to Aberdeen in 1978 to document their participation in their Youth Festival.

The trigger for searching for this archival material was generated by the current staging of La Sylphide by Queensland Ballet in Brisbane.  This award winning production by Peter Schaufuss will be performed 20-31 March.

Huge thanks must go to Anthony Shearsmith who has kindly, generously and promptly assisted with naming the performers in this production.


Dianne Storer and John Dovey – La Sylphide; © Ian Poole,


Dianne Storer and Wayne Martin – La Sylphide; © Ian Poole, Brisbane, 1981.


Vintage Proof Sheets; © Ian Poole, Brisbane, 1981.



3 thoughts on “Ballet and Branding

  1. Ian I was sent this via Facebook and also from an old friend….. Thanks so much for posting this as it has brought back do many memories of that production…. And also a nice reminder for Queensland ballet that there were other performances of that lovely ballet even if they were 34 years ago….. Hope all is well…. Regards Dianne


    • Dianne, delighted to know you have seen the shots. A BIG thanks to Anthony Shearsmith for putting names to dancers for me; and it is a buzz for me to see them have a second life after all this time. Ian


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