Poole Portrait Project


Homage to Atget; © Ian Poole, Paris, 2015

The Poole Portrait Project is a collection of portraits taken to find and interpret the character, presence and mood of the sitter, utilising the skills of the photographer.  The resultant image is printed on quality archival photographic paper and matted ready for framing.  This is achieved only after close collaboration between sitter and photographer.




Gary Cranitch; © Ian Poole, Brisbane, 2016.



Mike Langford; © Ian Poole, Brisbane, 2016



Emeritus Professor Roly Sussex OAM; © Ian Poole, Brisbane, 2015


Miss Moo_Blog

Susan Gravina; © Ian Poole, Brisbane, 2015.



Edwina; © Ian Poole, 2013



Dianna C; © Ian Poole, 2013.


Dr Douglas Spowart, Brisbane; © Ian Poole, 2013.


Vicky Cooper & Doug Spowart – Foto Frenzy Artists-in-Residence, Brisbane; © Ian Poole, 2013.


Lynda C, Brisbane; © Ian Poole, 2012.


Glenn Poole, Brisbane; © Ian Poole, 2013.


Maris Rusis, “Original Photographs”, Tewantin; © Ian Poole, 2012.

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