Photographic Review of 2015


Paris Farewell View; © Ian Poole, 2015

Photographically speaking 2015 has been a reasonable year for me.  Whilst this blog is not about illustrating the best photographs from the rapidly finishing 2015, it is more about what those photographs say about my travels, my activities and as memory joggers.

Paris Farewell View earned me a Silver Award at the AIPP Photography Awards.  By showing a final look back into the doorway of the apartment Louise and I had used in my first visit back to Paris in almost 40 years, I was getting a little bit nostalgic as we left to fly to Turkey.  It is not recommended that you enter a self-portrait in the APPA competition, but I felt that the portrait was less than the interesting spin created by the reflected view.

Paris was the source of another piece of documentary photography that seems much easier to take in that city.


Orion; © Ian Poole, Paris, 2015

Orion occurred when I followed that great photographic dictum which tells you to always turn 180 degrees in case the “real” photograph is happening directly behind you.  It was.

This was the year that I discovered that great genre of travel photographers – the shot of the platform on the other side of tracks.  It has been around for a long time, but not used by me.  Traveling regularly on the Paris Metro gave me plenty of time to explore the genre.  As I did in Japan later in the year.

I am not one of the great documentary photographers – in other words I cannot thrust my 35mm lens directly into the faces of passers-by.  Using the Fuji XT-1’s adjustable viewing screen I was able to appear as if I was disinterested in the scene in front of me.  It did remind me of all those the years using twin lensed cameras like the Rolleicord and Mamiya C3.


Arts et Metiers; © Ian Poole, 2015, Paris

Arts et Metiers was our local Metro station and the amazing wheels and cogs dropping out of the ceiling should have been enough to attract me; as was the curved wall/roof which was coated in a bronze metal.  A colour shot obviously, but I felt driven to reproduce it in black and white.  Rightly or wrongly.


Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut; © Ian Poole, Ronchamp, 2015

A sign pointing to the amazing Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut, constructed by the famous Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier at Ronchamp, caught my eye whilst cruising the auto-route to Beaune.  This mostly concrete building is constructed on the site of a previous chapel that was bombed during WWII.  Considered to be one of le Corbusier’s more striking buildings, constructed late in his career, it has been photographed countless times in its history.  I could not resist adding my interpretation to that list.  I have included Louise by way of size illustration.


Istanbul Storm; © Ian Poole, 2015

Not only did Istanbul Storm earn me a Silver Award at the 2015 APPAs, but the AIPP has used the photograph as one of the illustrations promoting the Hair of the Dog Convention in Brisbane in February.


Some Antiques; © Ian Poole, Beaune, 2015

Another photographic aspect that I experimented with was using reflections to further construct an image.  Some Antiques is one of those.


Wilding Pines; © Ian Poole, New Zealand, 2015


I got off to a good start in 2015 with Wilding Pines being shot on 3 January outside of Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand.  Being shown around by good friends Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken, this late afternoon shot has a gentleness about it.

There must be something linking my friendship with Mike and Jackie to good photography by me.  My final shot in this eclectic review of photographs that I took in 2015 is Listening to the Jazz.  It was taken in their company in Tokyo late in 2015.  Mixing with fellow photographers to create images is, of course, wonderful.  More important though is sharing good food, drink, experiences and naturally, good jazz.  This is what was happening in this photograph.



Listening to the Jazz; © Ian Poole, Tokyo, 2015

















2 thoughts on “Photographic Review of 2015

  1. I have enjoyed reading about your 2015 year again Ian. It has been great to see your prints do so well in recent years. Xxx jacie


    • Thanks Jackie. I think I might take that as a very subtle hint to attempt to produce another blog or two…….
      Your comments and thoughts are mightily appreciated.


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