THolden Got Married

One of the joys of close friends is when they make significant commitments and invite you to participate and observe.  Tony Holden married Suzanne Mccorkell yesterday at Boonah and we were part of that celebration.


A Finch and L Jameson visit Campos; © Ian Poole, Brisbane, 2015

It therefore follows that a significant event should start on a happy and positive note.  Coffee at our personal and local Campos location was the order of the day.

A talented chauffeur was engaged to handle the difficult journey in front of us, along with his limousine of understated style and comfort.


Chauffeur to the Stars; © Ian Poole, 2015

The road was long, lonely and undulating, and the weather was dark and ominous.  The driver was concentrating, the passengers were tense, we were traveling into unknown country with only a European GPS to guide us!  Courage under such circumstances was called for.


The Long and Lonely Road; © Ian Poole, 2015

It is during such moments of stress that careful note should be  made of one’s surroundings in case of unforeseen disaster.  This requires constant visual vigilance regarding direction and environment and context within the landscape.

The skilled landscape photographer working hand in glove with the ever alert professional driver by recording landscape interpretations in case these scraps of information are required to facilitate the return journey.  A little like photographic breadcrumbs sprinkled as though a modern day Hansel and Gretel.


Searching for Visual Breadcrumbs; © Ian Poole, 2015.


Fence Posts Flash Past; © Ian Poole, 2015


Warning Signs are Everywhere; © Ian Poole, 2015


The Mystery of the Red Shed was Not Solved; © Ian Poole, 2015

Then suddenly the Handsome Son was escorting The Bride into the middle of friends and family, another transformation is taking place – the Chauffeur is becoming a Photographer.  Such is the magic and the mystery of this day.


Son Escorts Bride, Chauffeur Becomes Photographer; © Ian Poole, 2015


Words Were Spoken; © Ian Poole, 2015

By this time there were transformations happening is all directions –


Guests were Becoming Photographers; © Ian Poole, 2015


Photographers were Becoming Vocalists; © Ian Poole, 2015

This Event had just got out of control!   .…and then commonsense prevailed.


Real Photographers Took Photographs; © Ian Poole, 2015


Senior Statesmen Confer; © Ian Poole, 2015


Discussion, Wine, Reign Supreme; © Ian Poole, 2015

And as day becomes night, high resolution crumbles into grain and mushy resolution, we realise that friendship is complex, crazy and creative.  What a privilege to be part and parcel of such moments and be given an opportunity to observe and document.

Cheers Suzanne and THolden!


Andy Observes, and Mark Engages; © Ian Poole, 2015

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