Adam Finch

11116015_10205688159459223_2051332181_nIt was announced at the prestigious 2015 Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards held in Sydney last night that Jules Tognini had won the Mens Hairdresser of the Year 2015.


Adam Finch; © Simona Janek, 2014.

Of greater importance to the photographic world is that the competition is judged via photographs, and the winning portfolio was created by Brisbane based Adam Finch.  Finch, who has an extensive background as a wedding photographer, has now extended his skills into hair, fashion and commercial photography. Working with real clients as opposed to models, Finch’s portfolio featured edgy, structured and aggressive monochrome images that relied strongly on lighting and posing to illustrate Tognini’s cut and styling.  Working mostly with Ledgo LED continuous lighting supplied by PROtog, Finch was able to sculpt and shape his lighting to maximise the creative work of Tognini.  Close collaboration with PROtog’s Brisbane distributor, Tony Holden, enabled Finch to quickly adapt his lighting skills from more traditional electronic flash illustration. This black and white portfolio also took out the prize for the highest scoring Photographic Collection of the Year – a first ever, for a men’s category collection of photographs.


© Adam Finch, Brisbane, 2015.


© Adam Finch, Brisbane, 2015


© Adam Finch, Brisbane, 2015

A BIG congratulations to Adam Finch, and Jules and his creative supporting team.

Adam Finch –

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