Driving West


Rail Crossing #1; © Ian Poole, c1998.


Looking East; © Ian Poole, c1998.

A driving trip to Winton in North Western Queensland involves some considerable distances through the apparently uninteresting Australian outback.


Barcaldine Masonic Lodge; © Ian Poole, c1998.

Armed with a Hasselblad 903SWC and lots of Agfa 100 and 400 black and white film, I was determined to find photographs nevertheless.  The incongruity of a rail line level crossing in the middle of nowhere was an exercise in working horizontal lines into the square format of the Hasselblad.  A task that I have relished most of my working career.  The upsurge in usage of the smart phone app of Instagram has re-ignited that discussion.

Passing through the small town of Barcaldine en route to Winton, I discovered the iconic and delightful Masonic Lodge.  Dedicated in 1901, this amazing building had had a chequered career having been “moved” from several small adjacent towns until its eventual settlement in the rural town of Barcaldine.  Clad in corrugated iron, it possess a much more genteel and decorative interior.


Self-Portrait #1; © Ian Poole, c1998.

My destination was Winton where I was to be hosted by that great gentleman Rob McQueen on his cattle property (Leeson), some little distance out of town.  This working property gave me an opportunity to discover and document some run down buildings.



Self-Portrat #2; © Ian Poole, c1998.



Self-Portait #3; © Ian Poole,

Self-Portait #3; © Ian Poole, c1998,








Skeleton; © Ian Poole, c1998.











903SWC On Location; © Ian Poole, c1998.


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