Photography Institutes – some things never change

The Institute of Australian Photography (IAP) was the earlier name for the august body that is now called Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).  Founded in 1963 with Claude McCarthy OAM Hon. FAIPP as the inaugural President, the IAP was the first serious attempt to create an Australian national photographic body that would represent professional photographers both to clients, to government and to industry.  A recurring theme was the desire to mount an advertising campaign that would address some of those concerns.

Claude McCarthy’s son, David McCarthy OAM AAIPP Honorary Life Member, Hon. FAIPP, was IAP President in 1976/77.  As an advertising and commercial photographer based in Brisbane, David felt that he should use his skills and contacts in the advertising world to mount such a campaign.

IAP_03_blog_PooleMany attempts had been made to devise a plan that might advertise and promote a discussion about professionalism.  Attempts had been made previously on a local and a State level but lack of funds always created the biggest hurdle.  By utilising connections within the advertising agency world in Brisbane, David was able to convince a prominent art director to create a series of advertisements that were of a professional nature.

IAP_01_blog_PooleDavid was responsible for most of the photography.

IAP_04_blog_PooleAs I shared studio premises with David McCarthy, and was an Australian Councillor (precursor to today’s Board) and a former Queensland President, it followed that I was aware of, and assisted with some of the campaign.

IAP_02_blog_PooleThe campaign was created sometime in the mid 1980s.  Exact date is unknown.

IAP_05_blog_PooleIt would lovely to report that the promotion was a smashing success and boosted earnings of photographers across the country.  Sadly that was not the case.  I have a feeling that one or two of the layouts were run in country/regional Queensland, but newspaper placement costs made the whole effort unusable.


These historical documents represent a minute portion of an archive of negatives, transparencies, photographic prints and memorabilia that has been gifted to the John Oxley Historical Library, State Library of Queensland.



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