Great Wedding, Great Party – Super Great Photographs


It Did Rain; © Adam Finch Brisbane 2014


Introducing The Groom, The Camera, Adam Finch and Mike Langford; © Jackie Ranken Brisbane 2014

Whilst there were far greater and more important decisions to be made regarding the impending nuptials between Louise and myself, it did occur to me that a photographer should be commissioned to document the event.


Photographic Dilemma; © Jackie Ranken, Brisbane 2014


The Photographer Who Said No; © Adam Finch 2014

Even a burnt out advertising photographer like me knows that such occasions should be recorded properly, correctly and by a professional ~ I have shot a few weddings in my time and recognised that there is a skill involved.  First talk to the Daughter.

NO WAY!  Not even the “inducement” that this would further her career would wash with her; also she wished to enjoy the party and not be concerned about the minutiae of the day.

As I cast my eye over the guest list I realised that there were almost as many photographers as there were civilian guests.  Many of them leaders in their fields both here in Australia and overseas.  We have a problem!

Being given the job of photographically tap dancing in front of a group of your peers is not necessarily the easiest task in the world – couple that up with the Groom having firm opinions about what constitutes a good photograph and a Bride who would prefer to do her thing behind the scenes; we now have a difficult commission.

Knowing that I have a very good friend who just happens to be one of the young breed of highly skilled creative wedding photographers now working in Australia, I broach the subject with Adam Finch.

Tie Adjustment + Photographer; © Jackie Ranken 2014

Tie Adjustment by Photographer + Photographer; © Jackie Ranken 2014

We have a deal; and coupled with the fact that equally good friends are staying with me prior to the event and have offered to document the event in a less formal and in an under no pressure manner.

Thank you Jackie Ranken and Mike Langford from Queenstown NZ.


The Secret Car Park Location; © Adam Finch 2014


The Bride and Her Daughters; © Adam Finch 2014











The Signing; © Jackie Ranken 2014


Well He Used to….; © Jackie Ranken 2014

A photography blog should be mostly about photography, so here are a selection from the day.










All Weddings should have a Photo Bomber; © Adam Finch










Creative Botanical Photographer –   Gary Cranitch; © Adam Finch 2014













Some Old Mates Catch Up; © Jackie Ranken 2014








Hide Matsuhisa Made it from Tokyo; © Jackie Ranken 2014











……..and the final photographic word should go to –


Creative Wedding Interpretation; © Gary Mitchell, 2014


3 thoughts on “Great Wedding, Great Party – Super Great Photographs

  1. Hi Ian, very happy for you and Louise. Congratulations and hope to see you some times. All the best ~ jackie


  2. Congratulations once again Ian! It seems that Adam is finding a niche as the photographer’s photographer lately!


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