A Quick Visit to New Zealand


Enroute to Palmy; © Ian Poole, 2014.

At the kind invitation of the NZIPP Honours Council, I have just returned from a lightning visit to New Zealand.  Five days, four cities and four presentations later I am home in BrisVagas getting my breath back.  The AIPP Awards Team were generous enough to allow me to show the high scoring (85+) images from the 2013 APP Awards held in Melbourne.  My presentations talked about the importance of visual literacy in judging images and the manner in which the photographs entered into both the New Zealand and Australian Awards are viewed and assessed by judges.

Arriving into a rain soaked Christchurch late at night (and 30 minutes late at that), I was met by the patient Ann Worthy-Stephenson and her husband Tim.  Tim had been a student in my 2013 workshop held under the auspices of the Wanaka Autumn Art School hosted and arranged by the legendary Robyn van Reenan.  The School celebrated 25 years of quality operation this year – congratulations.  The hospitality of Cantabrians was further demonstrated when flood waters blocked access to the chosen venue and local commercial photographer Richard Linton opened up his Studio, at very short notice for the event.

B&W Fokker © Ian Poole, 2014.

B&W Fokker; © Ian Poole, 2014.


Poole has an Even-handed Approach in Wellington; supplied.

Utilising the vast network of internal air services criss-crossing NZ, I was met by Jason Naylor at Wellington Airport and delivered a presentation to an enthusiastic group later in the afternoon.  Ester Bunning and I discussed various aspects of the functioning of the Honours Council and it was good to chat with experienced Panel Chair Terry Hann.

Flying in a plane where every seat had a window, I was met and hosted in Palmerston North by Gerald Wilson in a generous and affable manner.  The presentation was well received with some strong support from experienced NZ Judges Tony Carter and Richard Wood.


Poole in Auckland; © Gino Demeer, 2014.

Another quick plane flight had me at Auckland Airport where local NZIPP identity Gino Demeer was on hand to transport me into the city.  Our presentation space was at the new Auckland campus for UCOL and I was welcomed by current NZ Photographer of the Year and lecturer Kaye Davis.  A robust discussion ensued with some good questions and debate about creativity and the judging process.  Awards printing guru Sean Dick (and his delightful wife Sue) ensured that my last night in NZ was amicable and enjoyable. (nice hi-fi gear Sean……)

More comments to be made about the Awards systems of both countries.  Keep an eye out for that.

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