I Earned a 73 (……and a few other scores)

As a long time member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, I have been involved with its annual peer review (2013 Canon AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year) of Members’ imagery from the second year since its inception thirty-seven years ago.   My skill is probably more in the area of assessment as a Judge, but for the past few years I have shown support for the system and entered my own photographs.   This year was a reward for solid consistent work.

Congratulations to Tony Hewitt for his win in the Landscape Category and becoming the 2013 Australian Professional Photographer of the Year.

With a limit of four images, I choose to enter both the Landscape and Illustrative Categories.  These are my results:


The Road to Skippers Canyon; © Ian Poole, 2013.

The Road to Skippers Canyon was my most successful with a score of 83 (Silver Award).  I had two Judges scoring in the Silver Distinction range, but their arguments fell on deaf ears. 🙂

Ian-Poole-White lsland-D

White Island; © Ian Poole, 2013

White Island was my second Landscape entry (and my second New Zealand image) – it also scored a Silver Award.  Many thanks to the lovely photographers at Tauranga who arranged such a  wonderful trip for me earlier this year.


Tokyo Opera House; © Ian Poole, 2012.

In the Illustrative Category I chose two Japanese images.  Firstly the enigmatic foyer of the Tokyo Opera House scored a Silver Award.  This visual interplay with the striking abstract sculpture dominating two pedestrians, is a bit of favourite of mine.


Under the Tracks, Shimbashi; © Ian Poole, 2011.

………and then we come to the 73.  A classic case of “I wuz robbed“!  Photographers are notorious at being unable to assess/judge/choose their own images; but in this case I was certain that it was a winner.  Even my very good friend Adam Finch agreed.  Adam is more than a good friend, he is a talented Judge within the APPA system and both a talented photographer and has a great skill in getting pixels onto paper via ink.  Under the Tracks, Shimbashi was one of those typical Tokyo locations where salarymen go for a welcome drink after work.

APPA is done and dusted, and as I retire to lick my wounds, I am gladdened by the thought that several entrants were given high scores as a result of my assessment and judging.  Congratulations to all entrants and see you next year.

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