Wanaka, When the Leaves are Golden


Chaos @ Wanaka; © Ian Poole, 2013 (via i-Phone Photosynth)

Having just finished a five day session of teaching at the Wanaka Autumn Art School, I am in a reflective mood about what might have been achieved.  The art inspired workshops are held in conjunction with the annual Wanaka Autumn Festival – a wider community based event that focuses on the glorious gold and yellow leaves at this time of year.  The redoubtable Robyn van Reenen has been conducting this school for over twenty years, and manages to bring tutors from as far as Portland Oregon, Australia and the length of New Zealand to teach not only eager Central Otago residents, but students who have also traveled from all over New Zealand to work in varying art disciplines.


Self-Portrait with Student Work; © Ian Poole, 2013.

In my case I had a class of fifteen students with a wide range of photographic skills and life’s experiences.  This made for a good interaction between students as well as a broad scope for me to suggest ideas and techniques.  My topic was taking the Right Photograph not the Perfect Photograph. This allowed me to give suggestions at varying levels of expertise to enable participants to lift their knowledge up a notch.  Hopefully that was achieved.  It was encouraging to note the change in questions as the week progressed.  From early technical inquiries at the outset, to discussions about exhibiting work and the perennial question of editioning of works of art.  It is possible that no conclusions were definitively reached, but the asking of questions is often more important than the subjective answering of questions.

With great support from Epson NZ, my students were able to work beyond the mere taking of photographs, and continue to the important act of creating photographs on an Epson R2000.  From my point-of-view, an image unprinted, is an image unresolved.  Thank you Epson for letting us print all those A4 and A3+ images on Archival Matte paper.


Some Happy Campers at Wanaka; © Ian Poole, 2013.

4 thoughts on “Wanaka, When the Leaves are Golden

  1. That’s great Jan. I also missed the Mt Barney epic. I have no doubt that Spowart+Cooper would deliver. I look forward to seeing the results.


  2. Hello Ian Sounds like a good week was had by all. MIssed you at the Exploring Photography weekend run by Foto Frenzy but, despite your absence, a productive time was had by all judging by the results. Cooper and Spowart’s light painting on the side of Moringararah was a highlight.


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