5 thoughts on “Epson 3880

  1. Who would have thought that the publication of a celebratory image documenting the long overdue commissioning of what I hope will be a treasured tool in the arsenal of photographic endeavour; could provoke such debate.
    Bring it on, I say!


  2. While arguably not as elegant, the Instagram’s  signature ‘filters’ and borders do quickly and quite clearly identify to the follower an aspect of the processing providence of a particular phonotograph.  So in that sense they are serving the same purpose as the v v notches in the ‘blad negative… although the v v notches and the rebate data do fall a little short … unable to provide as much useful providence information to the curious as that attached by a camera phone. 


  3. Thanks Ian for the Instagram explanation. I should have looked harder. In the past many of your really really good square pictures had two little notches in the left hand margin. They’re not there this time so obviously different technology is being used. Is it time for an Instagram upgrade to put those cute little notches back in?


  4. Maris – yes the “verification border” indicates that it was shot with my i-Phone and is exactly as it was transmitted via Instagram to the interweb. Therefore it’s veracity is maintained with same rigor as the reproduction of an analogue negative that is printed full frame.
    Mr Finch is my walking companion, and as such is as much an inspiration to take interesting images as owning a large format camera. The back story was not given, in the haste to put a post up on line.
    You get that!


  5. Hmm, interesting. The images “Epson 3880” and the previous one titled “Pigeon Contemplating Brisbane River (with Adam Finch)” have the same irregular dark border suggesting both of them have been enlarged via the same filed out negative carrier. I wonder if the use of such a “verification border” to imply that the pictures are film based and not cropped still carries its original credibility.

    Incidentally where is Adam Finch? I see the pigeon, the dramatic diagonal of the handrail linking the spectator and the scene, and the nice light but surely there is more to the story.


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